Out of touch: Good, Bad, Queen

Here I was thinking I was being all long tail about finding The Good, The Bad and The Queen (Wikipedia description) – having seen them on the excellent Abbey Road Sessions. Then I find out that it is a) something everyone else already knew about (i.e. a hit) and b) a flawless example of 2.0 band marketing.

They’re not exactly unknowns: Bassist from the Clash (Paul Simonon), Damon Albarn, Guitarist from the Verve (Simon Tong), and drummer (Tony Allen) that Brain Eno describes as “The greatest drummer that ever lived”.

Having said all that. Would I ever have found them if it hadn’t been for the Abbey Road thing: I guess so. While their marvellous brand of music is as un-chart as it captivating; there’s still a lot of people who will love it (ten’s of thousands of MySpace friends for a start). Great stuff. Have a listen!

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